Tradeoff Construction Services is a full-service general conditions labor service, bringing the manpower and skills needed to handle the toughest projects. Tradeoff provides laborers, carpenters, hoist and elevator operators for all general construction work.

We specialize in site logistics, beginning with pre-construction, we assist our clients with all aspects of getting the job off the ground, to fence and barricade installation, punch-list work, and general conditions labor and cleaning. Tradeoff’s qualified staff provides all services to meet all of your job site needs.

Our Story

Tradeoff was born out of the emergence of the open shop construction market. The industry saw the development of new viable and competitive workforce options, ones that had substantial cost benefits, in the NYC marketplace. Owners were buoyed by the creation and development of some open shop crane and superstructure operations that supported the newly created nonunion entities.

Minority and immigrant “skilled” workers who had previously been excluded from the construction trade workforce, now have an opportunity to earn a fair wage and utilize their skills. The marketplace embraced the city-dwelling diverse worker who provided contractors with effective and efficient services to the construction manager.

As the open shop CM’s grew, so too did a need for a labor pool outside their current resources. Tradeoff seized that opportunity with recruitment, training, and provided laborers and carpenters to the CM’s on a contract (lumpsum) or T+M basis for cleanup, protection, and general job maintenance items.

As Tradeoff grew and became a home for many workers, the company looked to expand their pool of laborers and developed a policy of vetting, background checks and interviews that provided the opportunity for employment for individuals seeking a second chance for a mistake or transgression they committed in their lives, not just for experienced workers.

By providing training, support, mentoring, focused in-field supervision and third-party oversight, the chance for redemption is offered to these individuals—affording them an opportunity to earn a fair wage and to grow. Tradeoff promotes outside trade training and assists with advancing motivated employees.

Integrity, Safety and Reporting

Tradeoff coordinates with a third-party safety monitor to oversee the jobs and provide compliance reports. Access to engineering services provides physical and temporary structure design benefits for the project that may allow a task or a subcontractor to provide services safely and more efficiently.

Tradeoff is committed to timely reporting and on-time deliverables that will define production, productivity, manpower, product, cost and efficiency. Timely reporting, assessment and analysis of that information is key to quickly resolving any issues.

Tradeoff also employs a voluntary third-party integrity monitor who provides in-field personnel to assess employee’s performances, service delivery and company procedure compliance.

The integrity monitor also is a participant in the post-hiring H/R monthly meeting and coordinates the submission and receipt and review of background investigation requirements and reporting. Should an incident occur, the integrity monitor is also immediately sent to the project of to assess the situation, make a recommendation and provide a report.

Through coordination by its legal division, Tradeoff aggressively manages and investigates a claim and/or occurrence.